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CTHeart Camp

August 23th to 26th 2020

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About Us


Our Mission

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Our Purpose

CTHeart Camp is dedicated to providing children with congenital heart disease a chance to experience a traditional camp experience while learning that they are not alone in their journey. This unique community of children will celebrate fun, friendship and the freedom to grow as an individual in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Our Goal

To provide children with congenital heart disease throughout Connecticut the opportunity to experience the comradery of being with other children with the same challenges and to receive healing and support though that experience. CTHeart Camp goes beyond traditional camp in that it offers children information about their heart disease, medical and nursing expertise to allow them to participate in activities and the opportunity to see young adults (junior counselors) who are succeeding in life with heart disease. We strive to foster leadership for our junior counselors by giving them guidance and role models. 

Our core values


The safety, both physical and emotional, is our primary responsibility. Many of these children have never been separated from their parents’ due to concerns for adequacy of care. We provide the necessary resources to ensure seamless continuity of cardiology care as well as emotional security.


Our community fosters acceptance, friendship and support with laughter, new activities and adventures many thought were not possible for them. 


All our activities work toward improving understanding of the campers’ individual needs as well as acceptance of the differences that make each child special. 


Come Join Us

Come Join Us

Come Join Us


Our campers are all being cared for by pediatric cardiologist in the state of Connecticut. The staff is from Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale Medical. We want to provide these children, who are often not eligible for camp due to the complexity of their medical needs, an opportunity to have the camp experience. The staff, doctors, practitioners, child life specialists and nurses, are familiar with congenital heart disease. Together was can provide them an environment that allows them to participate in traditional camp activities, to be active and grow, while having their medical needs met. We also take the time to discuss what their heart disease means for them moving forward. We have been able to provide a picture of their structural disease, surgical or other interventions needed for that disease as well as anticipatory guidance for a healthy life.  

Camp Awosting boasts a beautiful lakeside setting on Bantam Lake in the rolling hills of Connecticut. Campers stay in one of 16 cabins on the premises. 

 This includes swimming, canoeing, sailing, wakeboarding, and riding go-karts. We also have a climbing tower and zip line, and arts and crafts where you can make just about anything. And don’t forget about basketball, baseball, soccer volleyball. 



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CTHeart Camp at Camp Awosting

298 West Street, Morris, Connecticut 06763, United States

(203) 785-6947


2019 CTHeart Camp will be held:

August  20th to 23th